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Get requests online and interact with your audience!

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How To Get Rich As a DJ

In my previous post I wrote about getting a paid job as a DJ. Of course we do not want to stop there, we want to make a career! That’s why we’re going to step up our game 🙂 Making a living in the entertainment business is about being there, being professional and being within…
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How To Make Money As a DJ!

There are tons of (really good) bedroom DJs out there, you might even be one of them! Being a good DJ and making money are however not really the same thing. If you’re like me you are probably wondering why some DJs rake in the big bucks, while others have trouble getting gigs at all.…
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7 Tips on How to Interact With Your Clients

Interacting with clients is quite possibly one of the most challenging parts of being a DJ. You can practice beat-matching, picking songs, mixing, scratching and pretty much anything regarding your performance in the comfort of your bedroom, but you only learn interacting with customers by doing it. We therefore wrote down some tips for you to…
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We’re live!

The world DJ’s are finally able to receive requests online! Song-request provides a way for DJ’s to interact with their customers in a new and unique way. By getting requests online you can discover the vibe of the audience way in advance, which would keep you from being unpleasantly surprised. But there’s more! You get…
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