Getting requests while streaming?

Get requests online and interact with your audience!

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Getting requests while streaming?

The Covid times are weird, especially for us DJs, but they did allow us to experiment with some online streaming and mixing.

If you have already experimented with live-streaming, or with hosting 'Zoom-parties' you might have run into this problem; the chat is full of messages and the requests are scattered throughout. Song-Request might be able to help!


Create an account on Song-Request

You can sign-up for free on Song-Request.



Find a time to go live

It's important that there are people that want to hear you play, so make sure that you find a good time. For most live DJ sets Thursday or Friday night will be a good time to play, but a chill deephouse mix at Monday morning might work perfectly!




Create a Song-Request event

  1. Log in
  2. Go to 'events'
  3. Select 'New event'

Don't worry too much about the settings, you can experiment with them later.




Find a platform.

This could be hard, but for as far as I know Twitch is cool about DJ live sets. Facebook and Youtube take down your mix if you use copyrighted material (which you shouldn't, but sometimes that's what life is).

DJ Techtools has an entire item about how to do this.





Promote your stream

Once you're comfortable with livestreaming you want as much people as possible to follow you of course. Send invites to your friends, use your social media and send an email to people that might be interested. Make sure you include the link to your Song-Request event!

Song-Request will provide you with a mailing list of people that have requested songs during your event, so you can send them an email when you go live the next time!



Go live!

This is your time to shine! Have the Song-Request page open on one tab, and the stream chat open on another one. Have fun playing!

Need some help? Send me an email! I'll try to get you started as quickly as possible!

You can reach me at [email protected]!

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