Get requests online and interact with your audience!

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How to make a custom DJ-Booth

Set-up time is extremely important. I’m aiming to be ready to go within 30 minutes of arrival and ready to leave within 30 minutes after the party ends, and that includes loading and unloading. Challenge accepted!

Interview with Deejay Jent: Getting started post-covid

Deejay Jent got stuck at home when covid hit. We interviewed him to see how life’s been treating him, and what he’ll do to get back in the game! We discuss his activities during lockdown, his preparations and a complete overhaul of his music library.

When Covid hit – DJ Wilco

Everything was going so well. I was DJ’ing weddings, birthdays, corporate parties. Providing silent discos. Hosts were happy, my calendar was full.

And then things came to a complete standstill…

Getting requests while streaming?

The Covid times are weird, especially for us DJs, but they did allow us to experiment with some online streaming and mixing. If you have already experimented with live-streaming, or with hosting ‘Zoom-parties’ you might have run into this problem; the chat is full of messages and the requests are scattered throughout. Song-Request might be…
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How To Get Rich As a DJ

In my previous post I wrote about getting a paid job as a DJ. Of course we do not want to stop there, we want to make a career! That’s why we’re going to step up our game 🙂 Making a living in the entertainment business is about being there, being professional and being within…
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How To Make Money As a DJ!

There are tons of (really good) bedroom DJs out there, you might even be one of them! Being a good DJ and making money are however not really the same thing. If you’re like me you are probably wondering why some DJs rake in the big bucks, while others have trouble getting gigs at all.…
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How To Use Harmonic Mixing To Be Awesome

Are you ever on a festival or in a club and you hear another DJ play so well it sounds like his entire set is just one song? Like besides his beatmatching, his tracks just totally blend together? In this article I’m going to explain to you how you can do this yourself! Years and…
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6 Tips For Setting Up Your USB-Stick

In my previous blog you can read all about how you can prepare before your gig, but in this one I’ll give you some tips about your set and listing your music in particular. Because you need to interact with the audience, you need as little time as possible to find your next track. But…
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Preparing for your gig in 4 steps

Some DJs like to just go and play, others like to make a total set-plan. It is kind of personal what you like to do regarding to your preparations, but that doesn’t mean that there are no handy ways for you at all. Here are some tips for you to prepare for a gig. 1.…
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7 Tips on How to Interact With Your Clients

Interacting with clients is quite possibly one of the most challenging parts of being a DJ. You can practice beat-matching, picking songs, mixing, scratching and pretty much anything regarding your performance in the comfort of your bedroom, but you only learn interacting with customers by doing it. We therefore wrote down some tips for you to…
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