Preparing for your gig in 4 steps

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Preparing for your gig in 4 steps

Some DJs like to just go and play, others like to make a total set-plan. It is kind of personal what you like to do regarding to your preparations, but that doesn’t mean that there are no handy ways for you at all. Here are some tips for you to prepare for a gig.

1. Play the right genre of music!

First of all, find out on what kind of event you’re going to play. If it’s a hardstyle event and you are packed with hip-hop music, you won’t get any new fans at that party. So, when you’ve been booked, make sure to ask what kind of music the organization wants. If you are a house DJ, and they’ve booked you for your own music, obviously this isn’t a problem. Are your unsure about the right type of music? Use to receive requests upfront 😉

2. Know your set-time!

If you’re going to play at primetime, people will want to hear some primetime music. The same goes for an opening gig. You’ll need to warm up the audience, play the music that will get the people hyped up! When you’re spinning an all-nigther, you’ll need to be prepared with all kinds of music. Even if it’s only one genre, there are always different kinds of vibes in the music.

3. Don’t be a robot!

There is the problem that most of the people who come to the event don’t want to listen to a Spotify playlist they could’ve made themselves. They want something special, so you have to give them something they won’t forget.

Don’t make a playlist from the start all the way to the end of your set, you’ll lose all of the crowd’s energy. I know this is the easy way, but why go easy? If you want to play it safe, make a big selection list with music that is definitely playable at your event. That way you can pick tracks out of your selected list, add them live to the playlist and this way you will keep the energy in your set.

4. Be on time!

Now we’re at the point at which you need to know what the DJ before you will play. If you play one or two of the same songs it’s not that big of a deal, but the people need to know that you are you, right? If you have a certain style of playing, keep to it! But don’t start with the tracks the previous DJ ended his set with. In conclusion, be smart and show up at least half an hour before you’re up! It’ll show to the organization that you’re serious about their event as well.

Now go and have fun!

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