How To Make Money As a DJ!

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How To Make Money As a DJ!

There are tons of (really good) bedroom DJs out there, you might even be one of them! Being a good DJ and making money are however not really the same thing. If you're like me you are probably wondering why some DJs rake in the big bucks, while others have trouble getting gigs at all.

Don't worry, I've got some tips for you if you want to take that next step 🙂

1. Know what you're doing
You don't have to be amazing to start making money, but you need to be somewhat prepared before doing your first gig. Make sure you know your way around the equipment, check out a couple of tutorial videos and make sure you've got some music in your library.

Know what you're doing

2. Decide what your focus is
This, as the previous point, is very basic but extremely essential. Do you want to do club gigs, do you want to do underground parties or do you want to do weddings? Make sure it's clear to yourself what kind of parties you want to do, and prepare yourself to be ready for those events.

3. Tell people
If you know what you want and what you can do; TELL PEOPLE! You can only perform if people actually know you're a DJ. This might sound trivial, but getting the word out is really the first step towards a paid career. I was really surprised when I found out people I've known for years still didn't know I'm a DJ.

Be online

4. Be online
If you want to reach potential customers they need to be able to find you, and they need to know what you're about. Make sure you have a website and a social media page and spent a lot of time to make sure your potential clients are able to find you! Be sure to make the following things stupidly clear: what kind of parties you do, what you can deliver (both mixing- and gearwise), how much experience you have and what you cost. Be sure to ask a reasonable amount, being too cheap can actually cost you clients but don't expect to make 10 grand on your first gig either!

5. Get photos and videos
No, not those your aunt made at your friends birthday party. Get some real professional photographs and videos of your brand. It's the 21st century, people want to see that you're trustworthy. Have photos/videos made that clearly show what kind of DJ/person you are, and what kind of parties you do. People want to see people like themselves having fun at a party like theirs, with you as the DJ.


6. Tell them why you're unique
If you've done a couple of parties you need to establish yourself as a brand. Show the people why they should choose you over someone else. This can be lots of reasons;
- You know your way around a specific genre
- You bring a cool set-up
- You provide extras free of charge
- You can help with various aspect of the event
- You meet-up with every client beforehand
- You provide an online request system (hint hint: sign up)


7. Make profit
Get started on those gigs, keep enjoying everything and make a good profit while you're at it. Remember, it might take a while before the gigs are rolling in, but if you keep working on it you'll be a paid DJ soon enough!

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