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How to make a custom DJ-Booth

Set-up time is extremely important. I’m aiming to be ready to go within 30 minutes of arrival and ready to leave within 30 minutes after the party ends, and that includes loading and unloading. Challenge accepted!

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Interview with Deejay Jent: Getting started post-covid

Deejay Jent got stuck at home when covid hit. We interviewed him to see how life’s been treating him, and what he’ll do to get back in the game! We discuss his activities during lockdown, his preparations and a complete overhaul of his music library.

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When Covid hit – DJ Wilco

Everything was going so well. I was DJ’ing weddings, birthdays, corporate parties. Providing silent discos. Hosts were happy, my calendar was full.

And then things came to a complete standstill…

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